Creative Conceptualisation / Scripting / Planning / Pre-Production / Director / Sound / Post Production / Producer / Lighting / Colour / SFX

Project Info

A play on light,  shadows, reflections  and time, we worked closely with PR/Events company Hustle & Bustle, to conceptualise and produce a campaign  consisting of 6 videos:
3 x 6 second ads
2 x 30 second ads
1 x 3 minute long form content
These videos were used to  drive both organic and paid traffic to their glass sculpture exhibition at Gardens By The Bay. This was a tricky one to execute as we could only shoot after the sculptures had been set up (which was 1 month before the launch), and ship the videos before the launch of the event. We worked very closely with the events company - Hustle & Bustle to synchronise the set up timings so that we could get as many of the key installations as possible, and tell the story of a journey through a mystical avatar-esque land. Celebrating togetherness, and a shared experience of stepping into a new dimension of colour and light where you’ll never  look at the same thing  twice. A symbol of colour and  hope for the post-covid road ahead.

Production Type

Short Form Video


Hustle & Bustle


Chihuly Studios

Overall Sponsor

Singapore Tourism Board

Venue Sponsor

Gardens By The Bay

Creative + Production Agency

WAO Media